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Bathroom Miracle

4K Animated DALL·E image

0 min 29


4K Animated DALL·E image

0 min 59

After Party

4K Animated DALL·E image

1 min 48


Roomba falling down the stairs

Pixray. CLIPDraw & Acrylic on linen

120 x 120 x 6 cm (47.24 x 47.24 x 2.36")

Do Roombas dream of cleaning Roombas?

Live screening of a VQGAN 4K animation

6 min 36


Cheems a Chapeaux

Exhibition view

Aparador CDMX

Cheems a chapeaux

StyleGAN3 animation 

0 min 28


Cheemspaintings &

StyleGAN3 and cotton print,  Open AI CODEX 

60 x 60 cm

Portraits of an unknowable world, 2022

VR Exhibition

Alonso Cedillo - Emmanuel Martínez - Fabiola Larios - Moises Sanabria - Helio Santos

Curated by Josseline Pinto & Alonso Cedillo


Public performing The Swiss Carpenter

Performance using GLIDE Inferencing, GPT-2, & GPT-3

Museo Jumex

3 Memories from Las Peñas Negras

Disco Diffusion V5 Turbo 

1 min 57

Overlooked Smartphones (Excerpt)

4k Disco Diffusion V5 Turbo + CLIP animation 

6 min 36

Smartphones in swimming pool (Excerpt)

4k Disco Diffusion V5 Turbo + CLIP animation 

6 min 24


Top Comments N1

Acrylic on canvas

150 x 100 x 4 cm (59.05 x 39.37 x 1.57")

Still life with smartphones and fruit loops

4K Disco Diffusion V4.1 + CLIP animation

0 min 40

Still life with smartphones in a fish pond

4K Disco Diffusion V4.1 + CLIP animation

0 min 40

Estación Uxmal

Digital image

Variable measures

These are some of my works made in 2022, which are all made using different kinds of Artificial Intelligences, One one hand, I continued my works with GANs, Diffusion models (Disco Diffusion and DALL·E 2), and GPT-3. On the other I am making different experiments to portray how the digital impacts the physical and viceversa. 

An example of these is my Top Comments series, which consists in paintings, made after images generated with a soft AI that spams posts in Instagram by tracking hashtags. In this way, it is generative art without the explicit use of code. Hashtags work as an open invitation to spamming. A screenshot is taken to collect the Top Comments and make the painting. The resulting work is then posted using the same hashtags, getting spammed and taking a screenshot for me to make another painting. I also started turning my AI images into Polaroids, creating evidence-like photos of different conspiracy theories. I began working deeper with Roombas by adding a projector on top of them too make screenings while they cleaned.

Working with Disco Diffusion V5 Turbo and CLIP was specially satisfying, as this allowed me to generate 3D images through GANs, just as the ones that can be seen in Overlooked Smartphones or Smartphones in swimming pool. I also trained datasets in StyleGAN3 and made more deepfakes for my Alternate Reality Games (ARG). I also started animating my DALL·E images to create still life clips and video evidence for conspiracy theories, like my UFO accidents and Flat Planets

In my ARGs, 2022 became key, as I began my simulation series, which consists on performance experiences which explore the paranoia of being unable to distinguish truth from fake. The first one of them was commissioned by the Museo Jumex to dialogue with Urs Fischer's Lovers.


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