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Ilich Sabotage and Alonso Cedillo at The Desert of the Virtual

Second Life Screenshot

Second Ad for The Desert of the Vortual


1 min 38


Nimda Bank Cards

Digital print on plastic cards
5.5 cm x 8.6 cm (2.16 x 3.38") (Each)


Nimda Banking Welcome Kit

Digital print
28 x 21.7 cm (11.02 x 8.54")


Nimda Ad N2

Double-sided matte laminate postcards
9 x 15 cm (3.54 x 5.90")


Fran Ilich and Alonso Cedillo at the Lleratnac Field

Digital image


Fran Ilich and Alonso Cedillo at The Desert of the Virtual

Digital image


Prizon Records Albums

Cardboard and CD-Rom
14 x 12.7 cm (5.51 x 5")

Desert of the Virtual 1st Ad

NTSC Color

1 min 14

Lleratnac Trailer

NTSC Color

1 min 41

Trinity Point

NTSC Color

3 min 1

Nimda Commerce Bank NY Billboard

Digital Collage

Nimda Commerce Bank Ad

Digital image

I started building websites, first drik magazine, which produced cultural journalism and educational resources in Spanish, and one year later Buen Web Inc., a web page bureau which sold webpages charging the national minimum wage to its customers. I started gaming in Second Life, a virtual reality world I had explored unsuccessfully 3 years earlier, and engaged in several collaborations with Fran Ilich. One of them was having Buen Web Inc valuated by Spacebank and turned into stocks, as well as the establishment of Nimda Corporation, my longest alternate reality game.

Shortly after starting Nimda Corporation, I decided to expand its gameplay beyond Second Life and started building a website for the project. I created a Virtual Real Estate company, an oil complex, and a bank and stock exchange. The main objective was to use information as my subject matter, and to be able to monetize unsellable projects like drik magazine, which sold prints in the shape of stock certificates which changed the value according to the website’s visit.


If you want to know all about Nimda Corporation click here.
If you want to know the thoughts I had about Nimda Corporation back in 2013 click here.


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